Thursday, June 16, 2011


MIx 1 cool whip (or 2 if theyr on sale) with Diet pepsi for a diet coke float. NOw TAKE IT HARD CORE:
FREEZE IT! and mix with spaghetti sauce for a nice salsa or cold tomatoe soup (real high class dish)
NOW HIT IT UP- put it all in a blender and pour it all over your body and sit in the sun for about an hour. Tell me that is not like being in the womb.
Be BLessed!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Eatin out

I tried the new wild wings near my house cuz on account they had 11 cent wings. So I thought, what the hey and got me some. Well the bottomless drinks were OK. I hate when soda is too soda-ey. Wild Wings aint got too much bubbles intheir sodas so its nice and syruppy and real refreshin. The wings were ok. a little small and dry. After my first fifty I was still a little hingry so I ordered the family combo- with buffalo chicken tenders and I asked them to go ahead and mix the blue cheez and ranch dips cuz I was gonna do it anyway. Not enuf sugar in the blue cheez. If I wanna eat somethin called blue Im expectin pie fillin. Thank you Jesus I always bring my own. When I opened my can of blueberry pie fillin everyone was lookin at me like " I cant believe I didn/t think of that., I am sooo jealous" Anyhoo, I won't try Wild Wings again unless the y got 5 cent wings or sumthin.
Stay Blessed !

Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm Back

I tell ya folks, it's been a ruff coupla weeks. My computer broke cuz of my cats cant lick their behinds on account of morbid obesity (do I spoil them? GUILTY!)baaahaaa. and the poo poo has dripped from them all up in my computer parts. Cheez wiz was there too.  Cheez wiz has found its way up in every part of my house. Doctor even said there was sum in my kidney stone. HUH?? yessir you heard me. I had a kidney stone too. See how Satan tries to get at you? Anyways, I just got this months disability check FINALLY and I'm off to check out the new Wing-stop over near CiCI's pizza buffet. YES I AM DOUBLE DIPPIN, but I'm celebratin another day christ has given me. I'll tell yall how I liked it.