Wednesday, August 31, 2011

VERY educational video WATCH IT!!!

This is what they were teachin when I was at school and YOU DON"T see me getting drunk ,drugged up, ungodly,or marrying someone of a different race  and gettin somebody PREGNANT!! NO SIR!!! WAtch this and let's pray that we can return to the America I grew up in.
On Knees For Jesus

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Armor of God PajaMamas?!

I'm Always tellin folks to "PUT ON THE ARMOR OF GOD" before they go out.  UNfortunately, thhese don't come in a XXXXXLLLLL .  GUESS WHO"S GOT an idea for next CRAFTY NIght!!! BAhahhaha

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene: See how God Talks to us?

Jesse sent me this photo. ITS FROM NASA!!! If you look closely you can make out a MOSLIM INT HE StoRM!!!!!!.  This Irene hurricane is PURE EVIL!!!! coming at the eastern seaboard.  SEE WHAT HAPPENS, EasTERN Seaboard, when you don't have CHRIST in youR LIFE?????

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Breakfast with Jesus

I saw this and nearly fell off my hoveRound. This sums up my life. I eat that exact meal for breakfast, and I put pictures of Jesus by the table and I imagine I'm havin' breakfast with Jesus, except he don't wanna talk or say nothin and only looks off in the distance with a 100 mile stare.  but this place nailed it! So I figured God wanted me to go it and I DID!!! I had a nice second breakfast- evrthing u see in the picture. It was a nice day!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Crafty Night

Lovey Jean, her sister Ruthie-Jean, Leanne, Rhonda, pastor Edna and me had a craft night. It was soooooo fun puttin together crafts from old T-Shirts. I made the CUUUUUUTEST turban from a raggedy Billy Ray Curus T-Shirt that don't fit no more (XXXXL MY BUTT!!! Lyin Concert T-shirt salesmen). Look how great I look. It's Perfect for those HOT pasadena TX days when you wish you had a turban on to catch the sweat pourin from ur head.  MISS DEVINE!!! HOW DID YOU GET IN THERE PICTURE???!!!!! She was SUPPOST TO be wearin the CUUUTE turban I made her, but she thought it was some kinda toy and chewed it up. THANK YOU MISS DEVINE! Anyhoo, we had such a good time, and I don't drink like the girls do (AND THEY DID!!! BAHAHAHAhaha), but Yoo-Hoo Zima cocktails taste reaaaaLLLL good, y'all.