Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Crafty Night

Lovey Jean, her sister Ruthie-Jean, Leanne, Rhonda, pastor Edna and me had a craft night. It was soooooo fun puttin together crafts from old T-Shirts. I made the CUUUUUUTEST turban from a raggedy Billy Ray Curus T-Shirt that don't fit no more (XXXXL MY BUTT!!! Lyin Concert T-shirt salesmen). Look how great I look. It's Perfect for those HOT pasadena TX days when you wish you had a turban on to catch the sweat pourin from ur head.  MISS DEVINE!!! HOW DID YOU GET IN THERE PICTURE???!!!!! She was SUPPOST TO be wearin the CUUUTE turban I made her, but she thought it was some kinda toy and chewed it up. THANK YOU MISS DEVINE! Anyhoo, we had such a good time, and I don't drink like the girls do (AND THEY DID!!! BAHAHAHAhaha), but Yoo-Hoo Zima cocktails taste reaaaaLLLL good, y'all.

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