Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Eatin out

I tried the new wild wings near my house cuz on account they had 11 cent wings. So I thought, what the hey and got me some. Well the bottomless drinks were OK. I hate when soda is too soda-ey. Wild Wings aint got too much bubbles intheir sodas so its nice and syruppy and real refreshin. The wings were ok. a little small and dry. After my first fifty I was still a little hingry so I ordered the family combo- with buffalo chicken tenders and I asked them to go ahead and mix the blue cheez and ranch dips cuz I was gonna do it anyway. Not enuf sugar in the blue cheez. If I wanna eat somethin called blue Im expectin pie fillin. Thank you Jesus I always bring my own. When I opened my can of blueberry pie fillin everyone was lookin at me like " I cant believe I didn/t think of that., I am sooo jealous" Anyhoo, I won't try Wild Wings again unless the y got 5 cent wings or sumthin.
Stay Blessed !

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