Sunday, January 8, 2012

Old Family Photos!!!

Hey all, I hope the new years and Jesus Bday were as fantastic for you as they were for me. Pastor Edna led a BEAUTIFUL sermon on what type of fatigues you should wear if your a prayer warrior. On New Years we had our annual Jesus cookie eatin contest . Guess who ate the most bodies of Christs AGAIN. ME. I almost lost to Ronnie JR but WE CAUGHT HIM THROWIN UP IN THE BATHROOM AGAIN. FOUL! DISQUALIFIED!! That all you learned from Visual Changes University? Who needs a college diploma? I can throw up too, and I barely got my GED! Anyhoo, I came accross some blasts from the pasts and thought I's show yall some pics of friends and family.

this is Slidell one of my FAV friends from YEARS ago. Aint she a DARLIN?

 here she is when we graduated from GED night school. SOOOO FUNNNY. " Hey Slidell put yer tongue back in. I aint one of your bofriends!!" Bahahahaha
Here she is in another BEAUTIFUYL picture. She had that teddy bear FOR EVER!! Probably still does too.  She lives in Tomball now so I dont see too much of her. I hear she became a policeman. well if you can't beat em join em, huh, Slidell?? Anyway, her family did throw her out on account of hookin up with a black man. She always fell for a nice car no matter the COLOR. and he did have a brand new Saturn.
I don't know who this is, some chubby wubby. It might be my aunt Peggy who we call pegleg cuz a horse fell on her once.
And this is her daughter who had diabetes last time I checked. That's not her tongue BTW. its some sort of syst she might of got from them livin too close to a Dow plant. Happy New Year! Probably going to be our last #rapturetime

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  1. dondon, how cum we never git to see pictures of you as a lil darling? i bet you looked just like a precious white baby jesus and not one of those darky jesuses they make him out to look. makes me sick to my enlarged intestines. ill be waiting..