Monday, February 6, 2012

My neighbir Mary Jane

Yall meet my neighbor Mary Jane
She is HILARIOUS!!! She has almost the same ailments I do . We BOTH have type I AND type II diabetes. She has early menopause and although I cant get menopause cuz Im a male, I still suffer from most of the symptoms of early menopause like hot flashes, sudden murderous rages, hair growth on where there wasn't hair beofre, weird feelings towards the opposit AND same sex, eating stuff with spoons made of fried pickles and fudge, chronic noxious flatulants, bleeding from gums and pores, diarhea coming out the front, and other symptoms of menopause. We BOTH love to pop our hemorhoids like bubble wrap and let the pus bleed all over our cats. I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE!!!! She has 7 cats REAL ANIMAL LOVER! She's on disability TOO!!! AND SHE"S SINGLE, guy readers!. She came over with the most delicious pie. Wait! Mary Jane I'm suppose to welcome YOU not the other way around. BAHAHAHAH!! The pie had yellow and brown puddin covered with reddi whip and crumbs from the snickers she was eatin when she made it. She made these real fancy cocktails with sour cherry wine coolers, hawaian punch, and country crock. SOOO GOOD. We played uno. and I got to ride on her Hoveround. it was actually a Rascal model, but that's okay. We had fun! I made a new friend!

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