Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lovely song about religiun

Yall know I like GOOD music, and here's a song that had me bouncin rolls of flesh to the beat of there drummin!  this song sure is stuk in my hed all the time like durin my weekly hosin of my body when i set up the kiddy pool by the fridge and fill it with water and edible soap (so i don't get all bored in there) and hose my smelly parts usually when the court Tv block in on. I always find at least a few quarters hidin in a crevis but the other day WHILE I happened to be PRAISIN the LORD I found 3 dollars AND a half eaten KFC original recipe thigh stuck betweeen three love handles and either my belly button or my butt hole - I couldn't see without my glasses. See HOW THE LORD REWARDS?? I be praisin him all the time now right before breakfast or in line at Wendy's BAHAHAHAHAA!!!

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