Sunday, October 9, 2011

My neighbor Duane

I've posted about him before, but Duane my neighbor came over lookin all Satan like again.  Clearly the product of failed parentin and demon possession.  Nice boy. Takes care of his mamma but needs a trip to Fantastic Sams for a trim and TJ Max for some nice clothes. IT"S ON ME DUANE!! He keeps me company when I go on a fast food runs and he likes to watch ABC Family too!! But I guess he's just goin thru a faze. I GOT A COOL FAZE FOR YOU TO GO THRU DUANE. It's called GIVIN YOUR LIFE TO THE LORD! He's got the coolest party in town and if you aren't there youre square... and experiencin undescribable pain as your flesh burns for eternity while you are repeatedly subjected to horrors beyond the human imagination. Stay blessed!

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