Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Hi, I'm Don Don aND I SMELL AND I like the smell of my own farts and i fart and shit all the time constantly, and Sylvia is cool and I'm stupid and probably like little boys and I'm fat, and I shit on Sylvia all tha time for no reason cause i'm Don Don and I'm fat and I'm fat and I'ma fat. I WISH I could be Sylvia -she's so cool and used to be a Derrick Doll for the Houston Oilers and was the finest piece of ass on that field, and DonDon is too fat in the brain to give her the respect she deserves. And if he is really on disability there should be a shit load of oxicotton or vicodin in his house but aint SHIT- what's up DonDon?? I'm DonDon I eat cat food and smell like rotten shiot!!!

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