Sunday, May 29, 2011

Satan IS a pain the rear end

One of my long time fans, Dan sent me this wonderful link PROVING God can cure anything.  Sometimes my hemhoroids are a real pain and I just sit on the bible for a bit  or I tear sheets of bible outta the bible and use them for medicated pads to soothe my hemorhoids and I ALWAYS feel better.  If my cats a vomittin I shred up pieces of the bible for her to eat AND SHE ALWAYS feels better after.  Or if I'm too busy eatin to say grace I use parts of the bible for napkins to wipe the chili and cheesecake off my mouth and I NEVER get too bad heartburn after. Or I use the bible on roaches, wobbly chairs, I use the sacred word on anything and everything.
Have a BLESSED MEMORIAL DAY. What are YOU 'Memoring this weekend?

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