Thursday, May 5, 2011


Please excuse the last post.  I been on a retreat for the last few days with my church and stupidly asked a certain SOMEONE we will call SYLVIA!!! to PLEASE FEED my cats.  Well I don't think she did cuz they were meowin up a storm when I came back, and their litter boxes were FILTHY. THANK YOU Sylvia, NOT!!! I don't know how she got into my computer and onto my blogger, but she did.  DOES ANYBODY know how to erase a blogger post or how to change my password? I'm so computer ILLligterarate I can barely press the send buttin when I'm orderin Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, Dominoes, Pappa Jons for my Wednesday night taste of Italy night where I dress up like the pope and feast on Italian culture while watchin Criminal Minds. And by the way, Sylvia do you really think I would leave my PRESCRIPTIONS at home where I can't get 'em when I'm on a CHURCH REETREAT? I regret leavin my Banana Cherry Sutter Homes cookin wine, but the cardboard box is dryer than Sylvia's HAIR . GOD listens to the prayers of a disabled person, SYLVIA so WATCH OUT!!

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