Thursday, March 31, 2011


Try the following out. 
This year 2011 is very special Add the last 2 digit of  your birth  year and your age of this year, it will give you a total of 111!!!  Amazing right: This only happends every 1000 years.    .  Anyway, It's called the "Big $$$ Bag Year" Forward this message to 8 good persons and as per Feng Shui principles, money  will flow.
Some say it's meaningless math and proves that you can find meaning in ANYTHING; that last year it was 110 and next year the same equation will result in 112, etc. and that the sum 111 actually happens every 100 years.  Furthermore this will not work if you are over 111. I SAY that thinking gets you 666th degree burns all over your body (meaning you'll burn in hell cuz God don't like that type of thinkin.  JUST DO IT AND PASS IT ALONG OK?! or I'll pray for Jesus to never take your hot flashes away (THAT MEANS YOU SYLVIA and JESSE!!! )

Good Luck!

I haven't tried it, cause the math looks too hard, but this sounds CRRRAAAZYYY!!  

Isn't it amazing how GOD talks to us?

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