Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Got my Miata Back Horray!!!!

I couldn't wait another day without my precious Miata!!! But Jacob from Collision Experts of Pasadena TX (real Awesome, y'all ) called me up and said, "I know your missin your miata harder than a GI in Saigon (whatever THAT means - he's always makin army jokes. I can't get into those movies - so violent.) But he's a nice guy always helpin me out with my Miata Fiascas.

Anyway, I was like, "For Real?? jacob you ain't pullin my leg?" And he was like ' nope. Your Miata is ready to go."

Well, THANK YOU JACOB!! All I had was my Hoveround, and I can't go too far with that cause ain't no AC.

Here's a picture one of the fellas at the shop took when I got my car back. That's Jacob explainin to me he could "AMP" up my stereo. No, thank you. My stereo is hi on life.Bahahah (I'm a real Chicken Head SOMETIMES, but I was so giddy about gettin my CAR BACK!!! we laughed)

These guys are great though. Real nice attitude They alwys are laughing when I come in and when I leave. Real good energy.

Anyway, I celebrated with a five star sundae at Baskin and Robbins.  Luckily I had 7 packages of Arby;s sauce to pour over my ice cream.  I'll have seconds!!!!!

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