Sunday, March 27, 2011

Carried Away

No, Not carried away to Heaven.  ALTHOUGH I"M READY LORD!!!

No this morning my miata had to be towed because the driver's side tire exploded AGAIN.

Worst part is it scared the you know what out of me right after I got my peanut butter heath bar snickers reeses now or later starburst gummy bear junior mints blizzard from DQ with my last coupon.

 I could barely dip my chili cheese fries in it like always do (y'all should try it. SOOOOOOOO GOOOOD!!!).  I sat there and cried and cried waitin for AAA to come.  It took two boxes of baby wipes to clean me up.  SOOOOO EMBARASSING!!!!

Worst part is I was supposed to go to Lakewood church with Pastor Edna and some folks from my church, but instead I was waitin for AAA for 2 hours.  Thank the Lord I was at DQ so I didn't starve to death.

DARN YOU MAZDA!!! I ain't no small chinese.  Tires got to support us AMERICANs!!  Why they got to EXPLODE on me all the time????!!!!

This was when me and my friend Scotty from the church went on a prayer retreat.  I cleaned that car up goooood. I miss that car so much right now.  Won't get it back till Tuesday.

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