Friday, March 25, 2011

One of my FAVORITE snacks! Enjoy!!!

Anyone who knows me, knows I like to bake goodies.  Well, everyone at my church keeps asking me "DonDon, can I pleeease have your chex mix recipe" or " DonDon you make the best macaroni salad I ever ate.!!"
Well, friends I think I'm gonna start puting a few recipes I think you might like - I sure do.  Some of them might be sound a little "huh?  You want me to put what? with what?!!" JUST TRUST ME!  They are goood!
Here goes.

MACARONI SALAD WITH SECRET SAUCE (1000 Island Dressing and vanilla pudding mixed with miracle whip)

You won't keep this in your fridge too long cause evrybody's gonna be eatin it all the time.!

5 cups Easy Mac (make in microwave.  I like addin some sprite to the water to give it an extra kick)
3 cups 1000 island dressing (I like Wishbone reduced fat- it's healthier)
2 packages vanilla puddin
1 cup miracle whip
Dollop of Country Crock
Mix all together

Eat with Ritz crackers. ENJOY!

Great for Weddings and funerals.

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