Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring time refreshing Drink YUM!!!

It's gettin hotter, and sometimes a glass of sweet tea or a 2 liter bottle of Strawberry soda and bacon EZ cheez can only cool you off so much. Here is a recipe for a nice exciting spring and summer drink I drink by the gallon sometimes. And also you have somethin to do with all that water in cans of vienna sausage and wut not.

Tootle Cocktail

Fill large glass or empty 2 Liter coke bottle with left over water from vienna sausage cans, baked beans cans.
This might take a few days. Just keep it in the fridge. I like to put mine all fancy in a ice tea pitcher my mamma gave me.

TRUST ME THIS IS SOOOO REFRESHING!!! It;s what V8 SHOULD be tastin like instead of Nasty health food liquid.

If you are lucky, there's a TON of juice that builds up if you have leftover mexiacn food. I don't know where it comes from, but after you put your doggy bag from Casa Ole in the ice box over nite BAMM! you got this yummy mexican tastin liquid. Can I get a Yum Yum??
Pour that into your pitcher of Vienna sausage juice.

Pour over Ice, Ice Cream, cereal, sandwiches,. IT IS THE BEST!!!!

Nothin like drinking that yummy vienna sausage juice on a really hot day.

I am foamin at the mouth thinking about all that wonderful juice poured over ice.


  1. Sounds good but you shouldn't use empty coke bottles. They can be contaminated and have DEHT that is bad for you!

  2. Thank YOU Dylan!
    I'll switch to Diet soda just to be on the safe side!!