Friday, April 15, 2011

another amazing true story

This makes me touched, and when I'm solemn I eat salami.

 A professor at a fancy college was pacing around all smart like before his lecture. Finally, he called to a student to stand up
"You there," he barked, "Do you believe in God?"
The student was taken aback, but said, "Yes Sir I do."
"Then tell me, did he not create everything?"
"Yes, sir, he did"
"Aha," said the professor as he slapped the student.  The other students in the class looked down.  One girl peed in her pants and therefore forfeited her scholarship.
"Then tell me, does evil exist?"
The student stammered, but said," yes sir it does."
"Then God created evil, did he not?"
The student looked to the other students for help, even the incontinent pathetic girl who shouldn't be studying at a man's level anyway, and finally said, "I guess he did, sir"
The professor was so delighted with himself that he passed gas ON AN AMERICAN FLAG OF JESUS.
"So then you must agree that God is evil."
"You must also agree that 2000 years ago God had an affair with a nice young Jewish Girl and they're STILL talking about it."
"Yes, sir, I do."
"Also, Jesus could walk on water BEFORE he had holes in his feet.  Now I'd like to see him try it."
"In addition, isn't it true that if you annoy Jesus too much, you can make him cross?"
"Hold on, sir," the timid child said
"What?" Boomed the professor.
"I think God is inherently love, and he made Satan out of boredom, and I think he likes to use us as pawns so he and Satan can compete using our ability of free will to find out who can get the most "pawns" at the end of the day so to speak. Without this ongoing chess match between God and Satan, what does it all mean?"
The professor stumbled.  He had never heard this logic before and couldn't reconcile his Satan worshiping atheistic beliefs with the profound truth that was uttered before him.
"I don't know what to say." muttered the professor under his breath, "You may sit down, " the professor finally said and resigned from the school and was cursed for being a d bag.

The student was Albert Einstein.

The Professor was Barrack Obama.

too scared to forward it?  YOU BETTER BE!

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  1. out of control. "he passed gas ON AN AMERICAN FLAG OF JESUS." LOL!!!