Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sweet Sixteen

We had such a good time at my niece Mareesha's sweet sixteen.  I made almost all that food in the picture includin her Favorite my UPSIDE DOWN BISQUICK TACO SURPRISE (surprise is twinkie filling inside the crust).
-I made two sets of baked beans - one with mayo, one with miracle whip.
-Ofcourse there is my queso stuffed carrot tuna muffins
-My banana puddin topped with pepperoni.
-Caramel popcorn stuffed lady fingers with chicken gerber baby food
-Beef flavored sugar cookies
-Quesadillas made with velveeta and Nutella (sooo gooood!!)
-an egg
-sliced pimento loaf drizzled with country crock and nerds
-french toast stuffed with reeses and cream of mushroom soup
And exotic chips and candy from the international aisle at HEB

Just look at that face.   I know she had a good time. She's just bein a teenager in this picture.  SO COOOl !! CHEER UP MAREESHA!! Could be worse.  THAT FRUIT NEXT TO YOU COULD OF BEEN REAL!!! BAHAHAHAHA

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