Monday, April 11, 2011


A friend told me this inspiring story abut how God talks to everybody:

I was at Target and I saw this little boy standing outside the store looking frail and hungry.  He had brown lunch bags for shoes, and was just about drooling over everybody's groceries as they was leaving.

I went over and asked if he was all right.  He said he didn't understand the question, because he was so poor he couldn't afford to pay attention.

My heart sanked and I asked if he had family, and he said yes. He and his 5 brothers and sisters lived in a tiny one room apartment.  That his mother kept them there while she was trying to become a debutant a couple of towns over.  They were fed stale crumpets, and where they lived was so small they had to actually go outside just to change their minds.

I felt so bad especially since the little boy was white.  I would understand if he was a minority.

We talked a little more and he told me how they have to watch TV on an etch-a-sketch and then he got worried, because he couldn't even afford to put his two cents into the conversation.

I thought, "that's it" and went into Target and bought some groceries and ate at the little cafe they have at the target watching the hungry little boy standing outside just looking in awe at all the food people were buying.  When I finished I went outside to him and showed him a menu and all the wonderful thing I had to eat and how I was so full I had to throw away food. He just about fainted, I let him keep the menu so he could take it home to his family and they could read it to each other.

If you have a heart then send this to 16 people in 1.6 seconds.  If you don't, then simply do nothing and die alone.
Be Blessed!

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