Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Smoothie

I try to fast for the Lord on Tuesdays until Noon eating absolutely nothin except stuff I can put in a blender-maybe some ritz crackers with some pixie sticks and a sliver or 8 of corn beef hash straight outta the can.  BUT NOTHIN ELSE.  Sylvia says they taste like F&*%*&@ ass shit cock, which knowing Sylvia could be either good or bad. For my Tuesday Smoothie I always start with about five scoops of NO SUGAR ADDED birthday cake ice cream and put fruit in it like the candied dried fruit in the picture. And next (say it with me) 3 cups of your favorite miracle whip or mayo for that creamy tangy kick.  Sprinkle with potato sticks and serve. DON"T FORGET YOUR BIB baaahaahaa. no, seriously i don't have no straws so I try to just do a mixture of sippin and inhalin like the whole cup was a straw and it can be kinda of messy especially if you bathe once a week like me. Blessed Blessed Blessed!!