Friday, April 22, 2011


That's Slidell, LoveyJean, Norma, Steve, Pastor Edna, her son, and a few others after our WONDERFUL trip to Lakewood church a few weeks ago.  I LOOOVE Slidell's hair.  And Steve really needs to settle down with a christ centered woman.  He's really good looking, but doesn't date enough. He's tryin to start some ministry in the GAY part of town to turn GAYS into humans; he sure spends a lot of time over there, but God's will I guess. I'm scrapbookin and pulled this picture out and thought, "Oh NEATO!" I'm really into scrapbooking now especially pictures of me eating like crazy long subs for a free meal or a huge steak for a free meal or sobbing profusely while being screamed at and forced fed for a free meal.

Stay Blessed and make your weekend a CHRIST-end (on account he died for our Easter)

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