Sunday, April 10, 2011


As many of yall know I am trying to take this time to maybe get back into my swimming mumu in time for swimming mumu season.
I have been trying to eat salad more, and people are like, "DonDon you're gonna waste away." Bahahaha I don't think so.  But salads ar sooooo easy to make.  Simply chop up anything and SURPRISE! you got a salad.

MEAT Salad.  taste even better when you sprinkle cereal, jam or reese's on it all salad like
Miracle whip can make anything into a salad

Don't feel like cookin? NO PROBLEM! cut up some uncooked bacon for a nice cold greasy diet treat

You might ask, "DonDon what about my Lean cuisines?"  Can you chop it up? "Yessir" then it's a salad! Enjoy, and be blessed!
 And the above salads can be all mixed together for a SUPER DIET salad like I eat when I am taking a bath.  If you spill or drool some salad into the bath water DON"T WORRY! it's nice and silky on the skin.

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